An Interview with Miriam Howard

Miriam Howard is an overall champion in the 2012 Guam National Bodybuilding Championships. In the following Interview, she talks about her most recent competition, and how she prepared for it.

GBB: Can you tell a bit about yourself?

I am German-American; born and raised in Germany. I joined the Air Force after graduating from college and served on active duty for 6.5 years before joining the Reserve. My husband is active duty Air Force, which is what brought us to Guam in 2011.

GBB: How did you first hear about fitness competitions and what motivated you to compete?

A friend of mine told me about the show one day when I was in the gym. She suggested that I compete and thought I would do well. I had just moved to Guam, was not working full time so I figured it was a good opportunity to try something new. I enjoy most things related to fitness so I was very interested in trying this.

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Local bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes. Learn how they did it, be inspired by their dedication and discipline. The results of months and years of hard work!

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding | April 11, 2012
Competing in any fitness or bodybuilding event is going to take a very high amount of drive and determination, which requires a great deal of time to training, preparing your food, getting enough rest, and dealing with stress related to competing for a show.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding | April 11, 2012
Inspiring bodybuilder competitor, Greg Monk, shares with us how he got started in bodybuilding, his training and diet philosophies, and finally how his recent injury is affecting him today.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding | June 21, 2011 
If you can recall Gray Gray's last competition in 2010 in which he won first place in Men's Open Welterweight division, he had the most perfectly developed abdominal muscles and lean muscular physique on stage. 

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness | July 17, 2011 
Ayesha Barcinas, an inspiring bodybuilder that In her first contest, took first place in the Women's bodybuilding competition last year and also took the overall title in the Women's open bodybuilding.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness/Bodybuilding | Jan 026, 2011 
Gaining muscle is not easy, and there is so much conflicting information out there. For Jonny, he sticks to the basic principles of building muscles and explains that he follows a high protein and low to moderate carbs diet..

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding| July 14, 2010 
Tina Gumba  former  2004 middleweight champion, has been weight training since she was 15 years old and continued to train on and off throughout her life.  Tina used to live on Guam. She moved to the States and now lives in Oregon.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding | March 02, 2010 
This interview will focus on Devin's most recent competition, The 2009 Guam National Bodybuilding and Figure Contest. It will provide you some valuable insight into Devin's training philosophies, his lifestyle and experiences.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding| January 06, 2010 
He is a former Mr. Guam, Mr. South Pacific, and top contender in the IFBB World Championships. He is the founder of the Guam National Physique Committee, former President of the South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation, and Vice- President of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB). He is a former General Manager of Gold's Gym

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | June 10, 2008
Live interview with overall winner of 2008 Kontenda's Classic Teichy (Tei) Auputiw. Teichy talks about his addiction with alcohol and how bodybuilding changed his life.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Junior Division | Nov 09, 2008
Joseph is the youngest guy who ever competed in the nationals. He is only seventeen years old. Joseph managed to sacrifice most of his time dieting & training instead of staying up late playing video games. Now that's dedication! 

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | April 28, 2009
In this interview Dan, prepares for the Stingrey bodybuilding contest in Hawaii.  He's one week off the show but his development set a new standard in bodybuilding excellence, one that is being favorably looked upon, and replicated by many in the sport, today.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Master's Division | August 17, 2009
Clayton had been bodybuilding for over twelve years. However, shortly after winning the 2005 Guam national bodybuilding contest, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, a cancer that almost took his life. In the following interview he shares with us the physical and emotional scars he endured and what it takes to be a successful bodybuilder.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Welter | June 07, 2009
Bodybuilder Norbert Datuin who's been bodybuilding for 14 years, known for getting some recognition for his epic proportions, super cut-up physique and symmetry finally talks to GBB. In this interview, he talks about his success in bodybuilding and his past injury

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Men's Middle Weight | May 17, 2009
In the following Interview Jason, 36 and blind shares with us how he got started in bodybuilding competition, bodybuilding training, diet, and supplements that helped him attain his impressive physique as well as his battle with Lupus.

Interviewd by: Joel Dela Cruz | Junior Division | Dec 6, 2008
Steve Cahill confesses to have been involved with lifting weights since he was eight years old. The 5-foot-7 athlete from Ordot, was a heavy 250 pound teenager with a 40" waist at some point in his life. Check out his Interview as he talks about how he end up competing for the nationals.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding| Oct 05, 2008
Ricky Collins is from Oregon and use to live on Guam. His half Chamorro, Half irish and English. He live half of his school years in Portland, Oregon and then moved to Guam in his freshmen year. He started to weight train after a major injury while skateboarding.

Interviewed  by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | August 12, 2008
Steve is an accomplished bodybuilder. He started lifting weights in high school to augment his football, karate, soccer and track & field performance. Like most athlete, It eventually led to competitive bodybuilding.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding/Fitness | July 10, 2008
Yasuko grew up in Japan and came to Guam in 2003 after her dad passed away.  She eventually fell in love with the Island and decided to settle here.  She never thought of competing but she tells us in this interview why she did it.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | March 30, 2007
Ron Cruz has been bodybuilding since the good ol' days, Golds Gym times, when they were still opened. He never missed the 3 days a week routine. After struggling to stay consistent, he decided to compete for the first time ever.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | october 29, 2007
Flo Burke  has been lifting since 2002. This year her hard work & dedication earned her first place in the women's lightweight division and also took the overall title in the women's open overall champion.

interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | September 28, 2007
Brian is a gym rat and a motivator. Promoting the sport to get more people involve is one of his favorite missions. In this interview Brian talks about what it takes to be successful when it comes to preparing for a show.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | Sep 27, 2007
June Mair, 2007 SPG Gold Medalist, talks about her grueling workout and what she did to prepare for the show. Her dedication and motivation really paid off!

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | November 11, 2007
Brando may not look like a massive, hardcore bodybuilder in the gym, but you can't help but notice him as the hardest working gym member. In this interview, Brandon talks about how he got into bodybuilding and what he did to win the 2007 Overall Bodybuilding Championship.

 Brando Quejado in New Zealand Interview

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz |Fitness/Figure | April 17 , 2013
Shalane started training in January 2011, after making up her mind that she wanted to  do the show in 2012. She was inspired by fitness competitor Letitia Shimizu and Desiree Eay Reel.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz |Fitness/Figure | Septemeber 24 , 2012
As a mother of four, assistant general manager at DNA, and married can easily take a lot of your time. But even with all those challenges, Letitia was able to prepare for a competition wholeheartedly, not an easy task.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz |Fitness/Figure | Jine 12 , 2013
I had the opportunity to interview one of Guam's finest young lady, Joice Tevid, and also a short class division winner of last year (2012).  An athlete since her highschool days.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness/Figure | February 13, 2012
April Cain, originally from Indiana, have been fortunate to call Guam home for the past 4 1/2 years. She is the proud wife of a submariner, a mom of two amazing boys (11 & 9), and a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness | May 11, 2011 
Desiree came ready, not just to compete, but to win. In her first contest in 2009, she won first place in the women's fitness short class division, and then the following year, the women's overall title in the 2010 Guam National Bodybuilding and Bodyfitness Competition.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness | Jan 02, 2011 
Sheila Litty is Guam's overall champion in the tall class division for 2009 and 2010 who is originally from Cedar Hill, MO, but has not live there since beginning her adventures as a military spouse.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness | Jan 02, 2011 
Patience, time, commitment, motivation and mental toughness are additional attributes Lita considers important determiners of fitness success, and she hopes to inspire other women to take up the challenge and compete to better themselves, and to keep the sport alive.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness Short Class | November 15, 2009
Rosie is a scuba diving instructor born and raised in Japan and a citizen of the world. She also lived in Okinawa, San Diego, Brazil and Saipan before coming to Guam. In the following interview Rosie speaks of her recent accident and how she got into fitness.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness Short Class | September  28, 2009
In 2008, her first year as a fitness competitor, Lisa Sapalaran, joined the Kontendas Classic and won the short figure class and again, the Nationals that same year.
It was obvious right away that Lisa worked extremely hard to win the contest, and I predict that you'll be seeing more of her in the future.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Fitness/Figure | June 14, 2008
A month and a half prior, I first met Antoinette at the Charles King Gym which is located at the Naval Base. I could not help but noticed her workout she seemed so dedicated. In this Interview She shares her workout regimen, diet and how she obtained a killer physique.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Fitness/Figure | January 04, 2007
Like any other island girl, MaryAnn have the same battles in dealing with weight. In this Interview, her inspiring story remind us all that every woman can achieve a healthy and fit body no matter what comes in their way. 

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding | September 26, 2010
Robinson is a full time student, studies, works and helps out with the family business.  He's a very busy person yet he still manage to set priorities including, sticking with his diet plan and workout regimens. Now that's what I call dedication.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding | August 06, 2010
Erwin is 18 years old standing at 5'7 and weighing at 150lbs recently graduated at Okkudo high school. He is a natural athlete and very competitive in nature. He said he participated in most sports in high school and always had the need to compete.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Bodybuilding | August 06, 2010
Rolliz is only 19 years old, was born on Guam and left to Vegas, when he was nine years old. He said Vegas is a wonderful place where he grew up most of his entire teenage life. Then years later, he came back to Guam.

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Transformation | July 11. 2009
Joylyn worked extremely hard to get where she is. And I had the pleasure of interviewing this amazing young woman. Although she was never that active or involved with sports, it wasn't until last year that joylyn really began to get into fitness. She claims her life changed. She got herself into the best shape of her life. In the following Interview, discover her tips and advice for aspiring fitness.

Shalane Chaco

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness/Figure | April 17, 2013

Eric Santos

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | MMA | January 18, 2010 READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Devin Chaco

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Competitive Bodybuilding | March 02, 2010 READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Rosie Busby

Interviewed by: Joel Dela Cruz | Fitness/Figure | September 28, 2009 READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Norbert Datuin

A short clip video of Norbert Datuin that was taken shortly after he won the GNPC 2008 Guam National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships overall.


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